Our Mission

half the way home is focused on the forgotten ones: the feral mommies and babies, the injured and sick, the seniors that deserved better than being left in animal control because they weren't wanted anymore, the itty bitty hissy spitties that with a little love will turn into the most wonderful kittens and of course, those in rural shelters with little to no hope of rescue.

What We've Achieved

  • Save average of 85 cats a month

  • Known for our expertise with bottle babies

  • Alter about 60 cats a month

  • Multiple store locations.

  • Adopt out average 78 cats a month

  • Opened HTWH shelter April 2018

  • Host Bottle feeding classes

  • Heavy Social Media Presence

Animals received As of  3/31/18

  • In foster and adoption centers - 98

  • Born in program - 54

  • Pulls from Animal Control - 640

  • Transfers from other orgs - 0

  • Owner Surrenders - 210

  • Other - 0


Animal outcomes As of 3/31/19

  • In foster and adoption centers - 98

  • Adopted - 882

  • Returned to owner - 0

  • Transferred out to other orgs - 0

  • Other - 68


SAVE RATE (intake minus euthanasia divided by intake)  - 98%

*HTWH never euthanizes cats due to lack of space. However, many of the cats we take in are at risk due to injuries, illness, or very young age (“bottle babies”). Despite our best efforts, a small number of cats die or must be euthanized to end suffering from incurable medical conditions.