Foster With Us

-half the way home provides food, litter and medical care. You provide love and a warm, safe home-

Fostering with Half the Way Home is one of the best ways you can help us save lives. As we are a foster based rescue, we always need loving foster homes. We can only save animals when we have a foster home to place them with!

All you need to foster is a spare room and some extra love. We provide the rest—all of your foster's food, litter, supplies, and medical needs are covered by Half the Way Home. We make fostering fun and easy. To foster with Half the Way Home or to learn more about fostering, please fill out a quick foster application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the foster cats come from?

We rescue cats from local animal controls and accept a few owner surrenders.

What do foster families need to provide?

Foster families need to provide:

  • A healthy and safe environment for their foster cats

  • Transportation to and from adoption events and all vet appointments as needed

  • Socialization and cuddles to help teach the cats about positive family and pet relationships

  • Lots of exercise and positive stimulation to help them develop into great cats

Can I foster cats even if I have a full-time job?

Yes absolutely! Most of our fosters do.

How long will the cat need to be in foster care?

It varies. Some may need some medical or socialization care before being able to go to one of our store locations but minimum would be 2 weeks.

Have any other questions about fostering with us?

please email